A Happy New Year and thank you to all those who have contributed to our success over 2016.

Our progress over the past year has been good with our initial target of 20 units being achieved. What this means is that many Communities, in areas where ambulance response times could be greater than the eight minutes target, now have the added resource of a Public Access Defibrillator within their community giving the improved chance of saving a life.

3b3ce250-d437-46e8-954e-fc12832f61cdIt certainly was fantastic to receive an Award, in March, from the High Sheriff for our work so far, So where to now?
Well, our Charity will continue to promote and help install more units where there is public interest to do so. In truth there is so much more that needs to be done we see work ahead for several more years. This vision is shared by the South Central Ambulance Service and the British Heart Foundation who are there to assist in getting units into hard-to-reach areas.

Over the past year we have been helped by many generous people who through their organisations, or by fund raising themselves, have helped us to help others. A big “Thank You” goes to you all.

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Our Objectives

Putting a unit into each community is similar to having a life belt on every quayside. It may never be used but it is there just in case. If it is used then it may be the only chance of saving a life.

Our recent focus has been on Princes Risborough where we hope to have six units in place by the Spring. We have four at the moment, one each in: Monks Risborough; the Fire Station; the Community Recreation Ground and Farm Place Way. Funding has been secured for a further two units: one each for the High Street and Horsenden Sports Ground. All this would not have been achieved without the help of Tesco’s Store, Risborough Rangers Football Club and local Councillors who have all given funding to buy the units.

Awareness and Confidence Training

It is vital that any new installation is coupled with comprehensive Awareness and Confidence training. Working with local organisations who know and can reach the communities has shown that residents have benefitted from increased knowledge on how to react in the case of an emergency.

We are grateful to be able to call on trained First Responders who are able to give expert advice in respect of immediate care. Many sessions have delivered over the past year which has included hands-on experience.

Fund Raising

With the cost of each unit now exceeding £2000, fund raising is also key success. Over the past two years we have developed knowledge of how to go about raising the necessary sums and have established some good relationships with those who deal with grants. Using this knowledge we have been able to help several communities to raise funds which in turn has led to units being installed.

New Sites

We are very much aware that there are many other rural locations within Bucks which would benefit from having their own Defibrillator which is why we are working with residents in several other locations to find ways of providing this essential cover. If you know of other sites then we would like to hear from you. Please use the link provided on the email to let us know how and where we could help.

Mark Tubb