It has been six months since our last Update and we are pleased to report that progress continues to be made. Our main effort has been in Princes Risborough where the Defibrillator count has now reached six, with a further two in the pipeline.

All this has been made possible by the considerable help of local business, the Town Council and local Members, the Fire Authority and Sports Clubs who have, together, made it possible.
In addition to this we have also, with the help of the British Heart Foundation, Parish Councils, local Members, local business and village organisations, added Defibrillators: in Saunderton, at the Golden Cross; in Great Hampden, at the Village Hall; in North Dean, at the Village Hall; and in Butlers Cross, at the Village Hall. This brings our total units installed to twenty three.

2017 Annual General Meeting

As an organisation we now have been operating for two years. We held our second AGM in May which was attended by several local representatives from Parish, District and County Councils together with the Thames Valley Police. The meeting was held at Princes Risborough Golf Club and Chaired by Mr Mark Tubb who welcomed everybody to the event.
We were pleased to report the progress continues to be made and the success in fund raising has meant the equipment, valued at over £50,000, has now been put in place.

We continue to enjoy the support of South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) who, with the help of Geoff Clark, First Responder, log and record each unit installed so that they are available to any 999 call. Mark also recorded his thanks to those who regularly provide updates for SCAS so ensuring that the equipment is in a ready state when called upon. Whilst no emergency situations have yet occurred requiring a Defibrillator the site in Speen was made available during a recent incident when heart problems were triaged by the South Central Ambulance 999 operator.


The AGM at Princes Risborough Golf Club

So where to now? Well our Charity will continue to promote and help install more units where there is public interest to do so. In truth there is so much more that needs to be done we do see work ahead for several more years. This vision is shared by the South Central Ambulance Service and the British Heart Foundation who are there to assist in getting units into hard to reach areas.

Putting a unit into each community is similar to having a life belt on every Quay. It may never be used but it is there just in case. If it is used then it may be the only chance of saving a life.

Thank you to everybody who has given, and continues to give support to our work.

Mark Tubb